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Scacco alla regina!

Dominio e sofferenze nelle donne dei Gonzaga

16 November 2023

Like the queen on the chessboard, the women of the Gonzaga family represented the focal point of the Mantuan dynastic history. Wives of men eager for power, at the mercy of an unmanageable destiny yet capable of inner strength and manifested family power, they knew how to face physical pain and soulless pain, offense like betrayal, with the dignity that their role demanded.

On Saturday, November 25, Lara Casali and Giovanni Sartori will tell the public about the evocative events of some noble ladies Gonzaga and how they have been able to face the pain, on the day when they remember the continuous fight against violence against women.

The event will take place at the Teatro all'Antica at 18:00 and will be enriched with some theatrical moments while it will end with a pleasant aperitif.

On November 25, at the Teatro all'Antica in Sabbioneta at 6 pm, take part in the event "Check to the Queen! Domination and suffering in Gonzaga women" on the occasion of the international day for the elimination of violence against women.

The event is paid and booking is mandatory, for information call 0375 221044.