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Sabbionetan Renaissance

The splendour of the Gonzagas at Sabbioneta (Act I)

11 June 2021
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On Wednesday 2 June 2021, the city of Sabbioneta inaugurated the preview of the exhibition "Rinascimento Sabbionetano, lo sfarzo dei Gonzaga a Sabbioneta atto I" (Sabbioneta Renaissance, the splendour of the Gonzagas in Sabbioneta Act I), with an unprecedented display of the Gonzaga princes' clothes in the rooms of the Palazzo Ducale in the Ideal City.

The sumptuous Renaissance ceremonial robes worn by the Gonzaga family have been philologically reconstructed by Fausto Fornasari and his King Studio workshop in over 30 years of research and production, and are back on display in Italy after a 20-year world tour (New York, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Strasbourg, Belgrade, Hong Kong, Bangkok, etc.).

The exhibition at the Doge's Palace, defined by the organisers as "Act I", is an anticipation of the great event of 4 September 2021, when Act II will also be open to the public, with the installation of Palazzo Giardino and the Galleria degli Antichi, and Act III, with the sumptuous Renaissance figures that will animate the Teatro all'Antica.

The exhibition "Rinascimento Sabbionetano, lo sfarzo dei Gonzaga a Sabbioneta atto I, II e III" will end on 30 June 2022 with a great tableau vivant and a great Renaissance party.

The visit to the exhibition is included in the Single Ticket for the museums and monuments of Sabbioneta: Euro 15, reduced Euro 10. For residents of Sabbioneta entrance to the exhibition, museums and monuments is always free.