Madness and amazement of the banquet, between etiquette, entertainment and gastronomy

A conference by Giancarlo Malacarne

03 April 2024

On Saturday 6 April, at 5pm will be held in the Aula Magna of Palazzo Forti in Sabbioneta, the conference "Madness and amazement of the banquet, between etiquette, entertainment and gastronomy”. The event is organized by the “Enrico Agosta del Forte” Municipal Library.

Giancarlo Malacarne, historian, journalist, writer, director of the magazine Civiltà Mantovana, editor of numerous books, essays and publications of a historical nature, will deal with a topic of which he has a profound knowledge as he is also the author of the volume "On the prince's table: food and banquets at Gonzaga court”. 

The journey to the banquet represents an authentic social and cultural phenomenon that affects medieval, Renaissance and Baroque courts. It presents itself as an instrument in the hands of power to assert its charisma, to communicate its magnificence, richness and cultural level to the world. The banquet is based on an eminently diplomatic dictation, where appearing is much more important than being. Two distinct paths develop in it, namely the spectacular one and the strictly gastronomic one, in which the guest "gets lost", engulfed by the exaltation of the ephemeral as well as by the proposition of extraordinary displays in which the "madness" of the carving comes to fruition. All in a swirling intersection of a thousand different elements which, leaving no room for imagination, lead the diner into a universe of sounds, flavours, scents, sensations and feelings expertly constructed and unleashed to induce abandonment and amazement.

The conference is coordinated by Alberto Sarzi Madidini, enjoys the patronage of the Municipality of Sabbioneta, the Pro Loco Association and the Sabbioneta Heritage Foundation, has free admission and is open to all.


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