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lights of the city

31 Ottobre 2023

26 October 2023
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Tuesday, October 31 will be inaugurated the new lighting system and scenic enhancement of the six bastions of the walls of Sabbioneta, designed by the architect Federico Fedel, unostudio architects associated with the technology of Viabizzuno, world leader in artistic lighting.

This new system has been designed respecting all the criteria of sustainability, from reduced energy consumption, to the ability to adjust the hours of switching on and off.

The presentation will take place at 18.30 at the Teatro all'Antica, together with the mayor Marco Pasquali, Gianni Fava and Ezio Zani, respectively President and Director of the Sabbioneta Heritage Foundation, which deals with conservation, exhibition, increase, of the goods of the Ideal City. The presence of Carlo Bottani, President of the Province and of the Mayor Mattia Palazzi, testifies to the support of the Province and Municipality of Mantua for the project of relaunching Sabbioneta.

Will illustrate the project Gabriele Barucca, Superintendent of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the provinces of Cremona Lodi and Mantua, the architect Federico Fedel and Mario Nanni, designer and founder of Viabizzuno. Massimiliano Ghizzi, Tea Group President and Davide Bonfietti, Tea Reteluce CEO will also speak. In fact, Gruppo Tea played a leading role in the project with the technical management of the plant.

At the end of the event guests are invited to Piazza Ducale, where on a large screen you can see Sabbioneta turn on new light and toast to the rhythm of music thanks to the aperitif offered by Fondazione Sabbioneta Heritage.